Neuerungen in m2s - Febuar 2018

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Neuerungen in m2s - Febuar 2018

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Hallo liebe m2s User,
wieder mal sind einige Punkte / Wünsche rechtzeitig vor der Saison abgearbeitet.

:!: What is new:

1) Better UX when finishing the registration from the sailors perspektive. He is forced to select a payment method in order to click on Finish/Pay/Pay later button

2) Region added on event. Region in this case means some water area (particular lake or something like that). There are no regions in the system yet so I would like to ask you to provide us with any, if you would like to allow the m2s visitors/sailors search the events using the region where the event is held. Connected filter was added on the 'Events list' on INFO

3) Added new filter on the Event List on INFO: Scoring. This filter contains values such as ORC, IRC, YS,.... Events shown when using this filter are those, where at least one class is of a scoring type

4) Date of Birth made possible to be hidden during the registration and in the info system for particullar class
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