Abandon /Abgebrochen race

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Abandon /Abgebrochen race

Beitragvon klindell » Mo 8. Jun 2020, 18:34


How that is easiest to do?
I.e., if later one start is abandoned, how the start in ORM is set to "do-not calculate/care" state? Clue is here, that there are already results on the start.

Deleting first all the results and then deleting the start sounds working but is there a more simpler way?
Also creating a new scoring configuration and then taking there only the correct races is one possibility, but...?


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Re: Abandon /Abgebrochen race

Beitragvon Jobst-Richter.de » Di 9. Jun 2020, 09:52

Hi Kalle,
to delete results or races is sometimes difficult.

The best way is to create a neu class, copy the entryes, and then all new im ORM
Jobst Richter
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