Neuerungen in m2s -Juli 2018

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Neuerungen in m2s -Juli 2018

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auch mitten in der Saison werden Änderungen uns Erweiterungen an m2s erarbeitet.

Hier ein paar Funktionen, die das Notice Board / speziell die Jury betreffen.

Protests and On water actions UI has been optimized based on the input from various parties to better reflect the workflow of the international jury.
BTW I have forgot on one key feature you might like to see: When you define the initiator/respondent/or the person who had some on water infringement, you can now search for the boat using the number part of the sailnumber instead of scrolling in the dropdown to find the correct boat.
Up till now you had simple dropdown and had to click on it, then scroll the dropdown to select a boat that was at the end of the list (for example for USA 9546). Now you click the dropdown and start type in 9546 or USA and the boats will be filtered by that text

Some visual improvements in lists and PDFs
Jobst Richter
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