m2s GDPR / DSGVO adaptation

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m2s GDPR / DSGVO adaptation

Beitragvon Jobst-Richter.de » Fr 25. Mai 2018, 07:01

Hi All,
m2s GDPR / DSGVO adaptation has been released.

For now all the texts are in English and it will be subject of discussion whether and which text will be possible to translate.

This deploy affects everyone that has or want to have an account in m2s.
Namely those groups:

New sailors: they will be presented with a privacy info summary before
registration to the system and will be forced to tick "I read Privacy
Notice and Terms and Conditions" prior Creating an account

Existing sailors: after they log in, they will be presented with 2 all
screen overlays that will show them fist new Terms and Conditions and
then Privacy Notice. Both will have to be accepted by clicking on "I
accept" button

Club users (non-admins): They will not be possible to work with m2s
until Club Admin does certain action (see below)

Club Admins: They will be presented with a privacy info text that will
tell them how to approach the sailors personal data and they will be
requested to read the Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions. They will
accept all this by clicking on appropriate button. After that all club
users will be able to operate the system.

This all concerns Portal only.

Maybe some of you noticed new "Data Confirmation" tab during sailors
registration that recapitulated personal data. Now there is a legal text
on the top of the screen with this step + you have a possibility to add
your own Club text regarding the sailors privacy data with connection to
how club handles them. This text as well as the legal text is added to
the mail sent to sailor and club after the sailor confirms the registration.

Best regards,
Jaromir Šída
ST Sportservice GmbH

:idea: :arrow: Eine Anleitung für die Erstellung der Datenschutzrichtlinien folgt kurzfristig unter Tipps und Tricks
Jobst Richter
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