Neuerungen in m2s - Dezember 2017

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Neuerungen in m2s - Dezember 2017

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kurz vor Weihnachten ist ein neues Release eingespielt worden.
Diese Punkte sind von World Sailing initiiert worden um m2s international besser einsetzen zu können.

Complete support for events in different timezones
Untill now when the event was held in different timezone than the timezone of the servers (Germany) the timestamps did not make sense for the local viewers of the system (for example if showed that the results were updated at 3am - because that was the time of the server in that moment). Now the system behaves in this way:
1) All timestamps in generated reports (orm reports, portal invoices, ... ) are adjusted to the timezone of the event.
2) M2S visitor / user see the timestamps correcly regarding his SYSTEM settings of the computer. So if the results were published at 3:00 PM in a timezone with zero offeset (GMT) and in his computer he has timezone with lets say UTC-2 offset, he will see 1:00 PM in the timestamp.
3) many fixes in orm regarding different system settings of the operator. Maybe you have noticed that earlier it may have caused issues when the operator had some timezone with negative offset. This is now all fixed
4) Every calculations if the cutoff dates (like when the event is closed, from which moment different fee applly, etc..) is now done regarding the local event timezone So if the early entry fee end says 20/01/2018 in the system, it means that it will truly end in the moment when in the event timezone this date happens. Not like untill now where it meant when in the server timezone this date happen.

JURY updates of ORM
Based on the latest feedback we got from parties like World Sailing and ORIS we have done some improvements to the JURY part of the ORM, especially regarding the protests:
1) "Protest" has been renamed to "Case" to better reflect he various use of the protest (case :)) dialog.
2) New types of hearings: "Support Person Hearing", "Hearing under 69.2", "Hearing under 60.3(d)"
3) you can now assign a case to more than just one race
4) you can create a case that will not require you to enter a race number (for cases when the issue appear before the racing strats)
5) for cases like "request for redress" etc the protestees are not required
6) connected look and feel changes in the reports and info

... and ofcourse some bug fixes and small touches of the system based on your feedback.

Ich wünsche eienen guten Rutsch
Jobst Richter
DSV - manage2sail-Usergroup

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