Neuerungen in m2s - November 2017

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Neuerungen in m2s - November 2017

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Hier kommt jetzt ein neues Release für manage2sail.

:idea: Einige lang ersehnten Neuerungen sind damit erledigt und machen uns die Arbeit wieder einen Schritt leichten.
:arrow: z.B. das Kopieren von Events in ein neues Jahr.

new versions of manage2sail apps have just been released. Here is a selection of what is new:

Portal - regatta copy function
When you are on event in Portal logged as a club user, there is a new item in the "Tools" menu. It is "Regatta Event Copy" that allows you to copy the existing event. You can select the range of the data you want to copy. This is useful for example for events that are annual.

Portal - timezone of an event added
You can now select the Timezone of the event. This will be used later for allowing correct local dates / times accross manage2sail (mainly correct displayment in info)

ORM - copy reporting options
Maybe you have noticed new "Reporting options" tool. Now on this tool there is also a possibility to select an event from which the options should be copied. Note that the classes of the event are matched by the name. So it will only work if the class in new event has the same name as the class in the old event

Mollie - new payment provider
Mollie has been added among our list of the payment providers. This service process only payments in EUR.
- für die Niederlande

INFO - fixed soring of the classes on the event page
When only some of the classes had the order number filled in in portal, the classes without the order number were on top, instead on the bottom. This is now fixed.

Weitere Punkte werden noch in der nächsten Zeit folgen.
Erste einmal einen schönen Seglertag.
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