Neuerungen in m2s - August 2017

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Neuerungen in m2s - August 2017

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auch im Sommer sind wir nicht untätig gewesen. So gibt es doch so einige Neuerungen, die uns das Leben im vielfältigen Segel- Regattasport erleichtern.

Hier nun die Punkte:
1) Manual rank support - you can override the calculations and set a fixed rank to a competitor(s) of regatta. Useful for cases where for example not participating in medal race = 10th position (even if the points are enough for better rank when recieving DNC)
2) After stage factor - 49er association has come up with new competition format that carries only half the points from the qualification stage to the final stage. So now you can set that factor and it will be applied when the first race of final stage is run
3) Custom document for Official communication - You can upload your own pdf to the official communication that will be used instead of the one we generate. I believe this was requested by you at some point.
4) It is possible to go over Start+1 points for penalty - if you check the correct checkbox or set a manual rank.
5) Scoring configuration summary on class list - checkout the class list in ORM, there you can see some basic info about the scoring configurations. (number of races, stages, discards, tie resolution rules)
6) Protest time on area - you can now assign the protest time to area and everytime the area is assigned to the race, the protest time is used.
7) Top 3 print - report with top 3 boats from each class of the regatta
8) Reorder Position – in the result editor you can reorder the position if you enter results from more Classes/races together

...and multiple look and feel changes, bug fixes and performance improvements :)
Jobst Richter
DSV - manage2sail-Usergroup

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