ORC - "CDL" Anzeige für ORC-Regatten ist installiert

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ORC - "CDL" Anzeige für ORC-Regatten ist installiert

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:!: in allen drei Systemen - INFO, PORTAL und ORM wird jetzt die CDL Anzeige aus ORC-Messbriefen angezeigt.

• info entry list
• all related pdfs
• ORC Certificate tool of Portal
• Checkin of Portal
• SimpleReport of Portal
• Registration dialog of Portal


In order to have the CDL values loaded and stored, you need to do following for each reggata you want to show the CDL. It is a one time thing.:
1) open the event in Portal
2) go to ORC Certificates tool under "Tools" menu item
3) Select an ORC scored class in the dropdown and hit "Update certificate" (CDL values should appear on that list after you do this)
4) do number 3 for each ORC class
5) Login to ORM
6) go on "Sync" menu item
7) Hit "Resynchronize" (this way you will get the CDL to ORM)
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