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Neuerungen in m2s - Herbst 2017

Verfasst: So 8. Okt 2017, 12:30
Hier eine Liste der Neuerungen bis Anfang Oktober 2017.

Here is a quick overview of the news:

1) manage2sail Class Association Module (CAM): When adopting competition from Portal, you can now use "Adopt & Load Results" that will do both the actions you had to do separately up to now.

2) manage2sail frontend (INFO): Entrylist made more "small screen friendly"

3) manage2sail Portal: Represented country is now editable by sailor during registration. It could also be made required by organizing club

4) manage2sail Portal: SRS+ certificate handling reworked for the sailor during the registration

5) manage2sail Results (ORM): Entries Per country report modified so it resolves the team country first by the content of the "Responsible Country" field.

6) manage2sail Printoverview (ORM): global overview about the print settings

Best regards,

Als nächste Punkte werden das Kopieren von Event und die Erweiterung der Merchandising Artikel umgesetzt.